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Return/Cancellation Policy:

  • All floor specials, clearance, discontinued, furniture plans, and delivery charges are noncancellable and nonrefundable.  Any item sold “as is”, clearance, or discontinued has no implied warranty and all sales are final.  Mattresses, adjustable bases, pillows, sheets, and mattress protectors are non-refundable and sales are final. 

  • A special order is subject to a restock or cancellation fee of 20%.  Any special order must be returned to the store within 48 hours.  (or before delivery or pickup.)  Furniture must be in mint, new condition for a restock to occur. Refund is given in the form of a business check or credit card refund.

  • In the event of damaged or defective merchandise as described in the manufacturer's warranty, Bargain Barn will, at their discretion, choose to repair or replace in order to correct the damage or defect. Damage caused by the customer's handling, transportation or use will not be covered.

  • Returned items may only be returned if they are in new/unused condition and returned with all accessories and parts securely packed in all original packaging (unless the packing was removed as a part of delivery, in which case please re-pack in a manner to prevent damage during transit; unpackaged items will not be accepted).

  • The returned item(s) are inspected immediately upon receipt. If it is discovered that the item(s) in question were used or abused in any way, no refund will be given.

Delivery Policy:

  • It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the product(s) purchased will adequately fit into the desired area. Any charges incurred in transportation or delivery back to the store will be the customer's responsibility. There will be a 20% restocking fee on any item that does not fit and must be brought back to the store.

  • Please note, for liability reasons, we are not authorized to rearrange or move existing personal property. Please have the room and walkways cleared and ready for the purchased materials to be placed. Bargain Barn will take a piece to dispose of if opted for, but the customer must notify Bargain Barn of this when the initial delivery call is made. Bargain Barn will not take any items to dispose of if they have not been approved prior to delivery. Bargain Barn may refuse an item if they feel contamination with other products could occur.

  • Upon delivery of your merchandise, Bargain Barn Furniture will inspect and ask the customer to inspect the furniture and sign off that it was delivered as agreed. 

Pick-Up Policy:

  • Ensure you can fit the merchandise in your vehicle or trailer and bring any needed straps, blankets, etc. for tie-down and transportation. Once the merchandise leaves the warehouse or store, you are responsible/liable for any damage done in transport. Bargain Barn Furniture may assist in loading merchandise and reserves the right to refuse loading merchandise that may result in injury or property damage. Bargain Barn Furniture is not responsible for any damages or loss caused to customer merchandise and/or any vehicles during the loading or transporting of your merchandise.

  • Once you are notified that your item(s) is in, please make arrangements to pick your item(s) up. Bargain Barn does not have the ability to hold merchandise more than four weeks after the initial notification. After four weeks, if the item(s) has not been picked up there will be a $50/month storage fee. If the item(s) has not been picked up within three months, the item(s) will be returned to the floor and the sale will be canceled with no refund.

  • When merchandise is picked up, it is not unboxed, therefore, not inspected prior to pick up.  If there is damage due to a manufacturer defect, contact must be made with Bargain Barn Furniture within 24 hours of pickup. Bargain Barn will process your claim with the company to ensure the error or defect is corrected. It will be your responsibility to return any merchandise to the store for service or exchange. The original sales ticket, pictures, and other information will be required for processing any manufacturer defects. This does not cover the mishandling of product to get it to and into your home.

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