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In 1984 Marvin and Toni opened Marvin & Toni’s Bargain Barn with the notion that working people need a place to purchase quality home furnishings at reasonable prices. The two began their operation in a small barn, which they converted into a rustic, warehouse-style showroom. Within six months, the small barn could no longer contain their blossoming business, so they moved their operation to our current showroom, just outside of Ferdinand, which had approximately 6,000 square feet of space to display their quality furnishings. Over the next 15 years, Marvin & Toni’s Bargain Barn came to be known as the place to go for quality furnishings at low prices. In 2000, Marvin and Toni doubled the size of their showroom to 12,000 square feet to better showcase their quality furnishings. In 2020, Dustin and Theresa purchased the small hometown furniture store, with the desire to continue to provide high-quality furnishings for low prices for many years to come. Our product line continues to focus on local and American manufacturers priced at a value to our hard-working customers.


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